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How to improve English

Learn correct English grammar, this helps you to quickly understand what people are saying and makes you feel more confident.

How to improve English

Steps to get better at English:
1.Improve your grammar
2.Improve your vocabulary
3.Improve your listening skills
4.Prepare in advance
watch the video above...
by Crown Academy of English

How to improve your English speaking skills (by yourself)

I think that you already know that if you want to improve your English speaking skills you have to practice, right? You have to speak. Studying grammar will never improve your speaking.

Listening to English alone will never improve your speaking. You have to actually speak. But what if you don't have someone to talk to in English? How can you practice then?

Well, there's a technique that allows you to learn to speak English by yourself. No speaking partner is required. This technique can help improve many aspects of your spoken English: your sentence structure, your grammar, your vocabulary, and most importantly, your ability to express your thoughts and ideas effectively.

So what is this technique?

Well, here's what it is.

Learning to speak English through imitation.

When I say imitation, I am not talking about repeating after native speakers using the exact same words to improve your pronunciation. I'm talking about something a little more advanced than that.

Here's how it works: you listen to a conversation, a story, or some kind of speech, and then try to deliver that speech in your own words.

Watch the video above by EngFluent.

How to improve English Speaking

Sentence Starters

It is necessary when learning to speak English to know how to start your sentences. You shouldn't think too much about it, or this will block your mind and you will feel unable to continue your conversation.

That's why you have to learn easy English phrases, called "sentence starters" that are used very often.

How to improve Spoken English - Sentence Starters

English Phrases

It helps if you know a lot of English phrases that are used in everyday life.

Common Phrases in English

American English Pronunciation

American English Pronunciation

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