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Phrases in English

Learn the following common phrases in English.

How are you?

How are ya? - How's it going? - How ya doin'? - How are things? - How's life? - How have you been? - How's your family? - What's up? - What's new? - What have you been up to lately?

Everyday English Phrases

Everyday spoken English is full of small phrases and expressions that you often don't find in English textbooks, because they are rather informal.

However, knowing and understanding these phrases is important, because they are common in English conversation.

In this lesson you'll learn 8 phrases and expressions.

"I'll say."
You strongly agree with what the other person said.
Often we use it to imply that the other person made an understatement and the truth is even "stronger" than what they said.
"That's a big fish."
"I'll say!"

"Fat chance."
A sarcastic way to say that there is very little possibility of something happening - the possibility is so small that you think it won't happen.
"The Red Sox are going to win the championship this year."
"Fat chance! They'll never beat the Yankees."

"I rest my case."
Say this when you are expressing a fact or opinion, and something happens to prove your point perfectly to and show that you are completely correct.

"What's the catch?"
Say this when something sounds too good to be true. It means you suspect there's a hidden problem, which might make the situation not as good as it appears to be.

"Good call!"
To say the other person made a good decision or smart observation.

"Take your pick."
Say this when you are offering various items for the other person to make a choice.

"Make yourself at home."
Say this to welcome a visitor to your home - you are telling them to sit down, get comfortable and relax.

"It's a small world!"
Say this in reaction to an unexpected coincidence.

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