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Esl Vocabulary

A cut above

better or superior than something else, compare two things.
Example: His last game was a cut above his first.

Cut it out

Stop doing this. Change your annoying behaviour
Example: The wife was drinking too much again at a party. The husband said: "Cut it out!". The wife knew what he meant.

Cut corners

If someone finds a cheaper or quicker way or solution to a problem, but a solution of lower quality.
Example: Don't cut corners when it comes to buying shoes because you use them every day.

Cut class

Not going to a class but doing something else instead.
The new migrants cut class and went to the beach instead.

Not cut out for

You are not the right person for this job or activity.
I am not cut out for being a chess grandmaster. My brain is too slow.

How to increase your ESL Vocabulary

To increase your ESL vocabulary read a lot, but read only what you like. This helps to learn and remember more English words.

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