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What is a Verb

A verb is a word that describes an action, an occurrence or a state of being. The action expressed can be mental or physical.

The basic form of a verb is called "the infinitive".


What is a Verb - Examples

Physical Action

I went to the shop yesterday.
The boss goes to the office.
She buys milk for the baby.
The nurse talks to the parents.
I sell it.

Mental Action

I think so.
The guru meditates a lot.
He contemplates his future plans.

State of Being

I am tired.
She likes it.
The tiger is dangerous.
I will be there.

Verbs are absolutely necessary to make a sentence.

Verbs have the tenses: present, past, and future.

You have to learn the Infinitive, the Simple Past and the Past Participle of each verb to be able to communicate correctly. See below


Simple Past

Past Participle

be was,were been
go went gone
shut shut shut
sleep slept slept
take took taken

There are regular and irregular verbs. To learn irregular verbs like these above requires a lot of memorizing.

What a Verb Is, and What Verbs Aren't.

Types of Verbs

Regular Verbs

Irregular Verb

Verb Tense Tutorial

English Phrasal Verbs

English Stative Verbs

English Collocations

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