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English Phrases

Learn some important Business English Phrases.

"You can count on me!"
Meaning: I am reliable and can be trusted to get the work done. Note: Use the preposition "on". Count on and Depend on - don't use the prepositions in, of, or with.

"The deal fell through."
To "fall through" means that a deal will not go forward. It failed for some reason. Use this phrase for plans, partnerships, or deals when they fail.

"Can you fill me in on what happened?"
Meaning: Tell me the details about that topic.

"I'll talk to the boss and sound her out."
To "sound her out" means to find out her opinion about something. You don't ask her directly but try to discover her opinion by bringing up the topic indirectly.

"Please hold off on starting the project until it's approved."
"Hold off" means to delay, to wait until something else happens.

"I'm not sure where that book is, but I'll try and track it down for you."
To "track it down" means to search for it and find out where the book is. If you use it for people - "track him down" - you try to discover where he is.

"We're going to team up with another company."
to join, to work together with someone.

"The meeting was called off."
Means: the meeting was cancelled.

"Let's not rule out that option."
To eliminate something from consideration. We shouldn't stop considering that possibility.

Business English - Idioms, and Phrases

"Back to square one"
Starting over. Starting again at the beginning.

"Bad mouth"
Gossiping, talking negatively about somebody

"Beat around the bush"
Avoiding a topic/deliberately delaying a topic of conversation

"Beat the clock"
Finishing before or by a deadline

"Bite off more than you can chew"
You try to handle more than you are capable of.

"A piece of cake"
Easy, uncomplicated

"Back burner"
lowest priority over other tasks

"Big fish"
the person in charge

"Brownie points"
earning favor or recognition from your boss

English Phrasal Verbs
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