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What is a Gerund

What is a Gerund?
Gerunds are hard to master for new English learners because they don't know how and why they should use them.

When a verb ends in -ing, and you use it like a noun it is usually a gerund. (having a baby, tired of playing)

6 Ways to Use Gerunds

Gerunds in English

The simple form of the verb + "ing" = gerund.
Gerund phrase - Example : I like going to the beach.

Gerunds act like nouns.
Example: Playing baseball is fun.
"Playing" is the Gerund.

A gerund can be the subject in a sentence.

Gerunds often come after prepositions.

English Grammar - Gerund or Infinitive? ('I like swimming' or 'I like to swim'?)

He decided ...... (play) another game.

My sister ...... (enjoy) watching soccer.

The old man has a lot of trouble ...... (remember) numbers.

Would you mind ...... (lend) me some money?

I like ...... (buy) some books.

The man refuses ...... (listen) to the officer.

Workers ...... (want) to get more money.

Tourists don't like ...... (drive) in Asia.

The couple apologized ...... (arrive) late.

If you know the country it is easy ...... (get) another job.

My mother wants to go for a walk because she hates ...... (do) homework.

My friend is tired of ...... (play) with his kids.

Things you should know about ...... (have) a baby.

Inform yourself before ...... (have) your child.

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