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ESL Listening - Polite English

ESL means: English as a second language. ESL listening on this page helps you to learn English properly. I have selected the best English video tutorials for you.

When learning another language, it's easy to make the mistake of being a little bit rude, since you might not be aware of the phrases that sound "polite" and "impolite" to native speakers.

15 Phrases for Speaking Polite English

Don't say: I want a hamburger. - Say: I'd like a hamburger. Or: I'll have a hamburger, please.
Don't say: Send me the report. - Say: Could you send me the report?
Don't say: Go away. Don't say: Leave me alone. - Say: Could you give me a minute? Or - Say: Sorry, I'm a bit busy right now.
Don't say: Tell me when you are available. - Say: Let me know when you are available.
Don't say: You're wrong. - Say: I think you might be mistaken. Or: I'm afraid I disagree.
Don't say: That's a bad idea. Say: I'm not so sure that's a good idea. Or: I have a few concerns.
Don't say: Your work isn't good. Say: I'm not quite satisfied with this work. Or: To be honest, this needs some improvement.
Don't say: I don't like the colors in this design. Say: I'm not too fond of the colors in this design. Or: I'd prefer to use different colors in this design.

Polite English is especially important if you're learning English for your job or career. You want to have good relationships with coworkers, make a positive impression on clients, and sound pleasant during interviews.

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