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List of Adjectives - Learn English online

Learn English online, I hope this List of Adjectives will help you to study various types of adjectives in the English language.

The English adjectives below are listed alphabetically. Listed are gradable adjectives. This means they are weak and not absolute and can vary in intensity or grade.
Example: cold, colder, coldest

Adjectives that start with A

Able abler ablest
Abnormal more abnormal most abnormal
Abounding more abounding most abounding
Abrupt more abrupt most abrupt
Absurd more absurd most absurd
Accurate more accurate most accurate
Addicted more addicted most addicted
Adaptable more adaptable most adaptable
Adventurous more adventurous most adventurous
Aggressive more aggressive most aggressive
Afraid more afraid most afraid
Alert more alert most alert
Alive more alive most alive
alluring more alluring most alluring
Amazing more amazing most amazing
Amused more amused most amused
Amusing more amusing most amusing
Angry angrier angriest
Anxious more anxious most anxious
Awake more awake most awake

Adjectives that start with B

Barbarous more barbarous most barbarous
Beautiful more beautiful most beautiful
Beneficial more beneficial most beneficial
Big bigger biggest
Bizarre more bizarre most bizarre
Brave braver bravest
Bright brighter brightest
Broad broader broadest

Adjectives that start with C

Calm calmer calmest
Careful more careful most careful
Cold colder coldest
Cool cooler coolest
Curly curlier curliest

Adjectives that start with D

Dark darker darkest
Dirty dirtier dirtiest
Dull duller dullest
Dry drier driest

Adjectives that start with E

Early earlier earliest
Easy easier easiest
Embarrassed more embarrassed most embarrassed
Evil more evil most evil

Adjectives that start with F

Famous more famous most famous
Fat fatter fattest
Fine finer finest
Fresh fresher freshest

Adjectives that start with H

Hard harder hardest
Heavy heavier heaviest

Adjectives that start with I

Immense more immense most immense
Intense more intense most intense

Adjectives that start with L

Late later latest
Light lighter lightest
Long longer longest
Lovely lovelier loveliest

Adjectives that start with M

macho more macho most macho
magnetic more magnetic most magnetic
magnificent more magnificent most magnificent
mainstream more mainstream most mainstream
majestic more majestic most majestic
malicious more malicious most malicious
malignant more malignant most malignant
manly more manly most manly
marketable more marketable most marketable
massive more massive most massive
masculine more masculine most masculine
mature more mature most mature
meaningful more meaningful most meaningful
misspelled more misspelled most misspelled
mispronounced more mispronounced most mispronounced
multicultural more multicultural most multicultural
muscular more muscular most muscular

Adjectives that start with N

Nervous more nervous most nervous
New newer newest

Adjectives that start with O

Old older oldest

Adjectives that start with P

Peaceful more peaceful most peaceful
Perfect more perfect most perfect

Adjectives that start with Q

Quick quicker quickest

Adjectives that start with R

Racist more racist most racist
Rare more rare most rare
Reliable more reliable most reliable
Rich richer richest
Romantic more romantic most romantic

Adjectives that start with S

Sad sadder saddest
Simple simpler simplest
Small smaller smallest
Smart smarter smartest
Soft softer softest
Sweet sweeter sweetest

Adjectives that start with T

Thin thinner thinnest
thoughtful more thoughtful most thoughtful

Adjectives that start with W

Wise wiser wisest

Adjectives that start with Z

zinc-rich more zinc-rich most zinc-rich
zoomable more zoomable most zoomable

Learn about non-gradable (absolute) Adjectives in the English Language

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