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Absolute Adjectives List

The Absolute Adjectives cannot vary in intensity or grade and have a quality that can't be compared. Examples: complete, dead

It is said they are non-gradable and they do not normally have comparative and superlative forms.

If something is complete then this is an absolute quality. It can't be more complete. This is impossible. If a person is dead, he can't be more dead. Dead is dead and that's it.

Some Adjectives can be gradable and non-gradable depending on how they are used.(old, common) Example: He is a very old man.(gradable) Last week I bought this old house. (non-gradable)

Absolute Adjectives Explained

Absolute Adjectives List

absolute ancient astounding awful
basic boiling brilliant certain
chemical complete dead devoid
digital domestic empty enormous
entire essential excellent exhausted
fascinating fantastic fatal filthy
final freezing full furious
giant gigantic gorgeous harmless
hideous hilarious horrible huge
immortal impossible incredible meaningful
nuclear obvious packed perfect
pregnant pure square spotless
starving superior terrible terrified
thrilled tiny ultimate unique
universal wonderful

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