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That and Which

Learners of English often don't know when to use "that" and "which" in their sentences.

That and Which

Who? That? Which?

Which or That or Who? Relative clauses, complex sentences - Grammar, Syntax, Vocabulary

"That" or "Which"? "Who" or "That"? Learn how to use relative pronouns correctly and make no mistakes!

Just figure out if the clause in the sentence provides excess information (Nonrestrictive Clause) or if the information is necessary (Restrictive Clause) as it modifies the first part of the sentence.

However, the words Which and That are interchangeable and if you make a mistake, then don't worry. This grammar rule is difficult to apply and many people make mistakes.

Restrictive Clause - Use "That"

THAT restricts

A restrictive clause is needed to describe the first part of the sentence.
Example: Games that are difficult to play are a good exercise for the brain.

Nonrestrictive Clause - Use "Which"

WHICH does NOT restrict

If you leave off the nonrestrictive clause then the sentence still makes sense.
Example: Wars which kill people should be avoided.

This sentence above still makes sense if you just say: Wars should be avoided. The meaning of the sentence does not change as wars do generally kill people. This shows that "which kill people" is just additional excessive information but not necessary and therefore nonrestrictive.

Who versus That, Which

I visited a man ...... (that, who, which) can play chess well.

What's the nationality of the man ...... (that, who, which) moved in yesterday?

Where is the radio ...... (that, who, which) I bought?

Everybody ...... (that, who, which) stayed in this hotel enjoyed it very much.

I don't know the man ...... (that, who, which) wanted to buy this house.

He always buys things ...... (that, who, which) are useless.

She met a teacher ...... (that, who, which) is from Germany.

She bought a machine ...... (that, who, which) cooks.

The man from China always wears shoes ...... (that, who, which) are almost falling apart.

The guy ...... (that, who) solved this problem is a genius.

My brother likes to collect watches ...... (that, who, which) are very old.

The kids were very quiet ...... (that, who, which) was good for me, because I wanted to sleep.

My mother wanted to watch a movie ...... (that, who, which) would show her favorite actors.

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