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English Lesson - Telling the Time

Memorize it like this:
After Midnight = AM
AM: from midnight to noon
Midnight (start of day) 12:00 a.m.

Past Midday = PM
PM: from noon to midnight
Noon 12:00 p.m.

5 pm = five o'clock in the afternoon
5 am = five o'clock in the morning

08:00 - It is eight o'clock.
07:30 - It is half past seven. - It is seven thirty.
05:15 - It is a quarter past five. - It is five fifteen.
04:45 - It is a quarter to five. - It is four forty five.
01:17 - It is seventeen past one. - It is one seventeen.
06:52 - It is eight to seven. - It is six fifty two.
02:20 - It is twenty past two. - It is two twenty.
09:40 - It is twenty to ten. - It is nine twenty.
06:30 - It is six thirty. - It is half past six.
04.15 - It is four fifteen. - It is a quarter past four.
05.45 - It is five forty five. - It is a quarter to six.

12:00 pm is noon
12:00 am is midnight

Telling the Time in English

A simple video to help young esl learners learn telling the time.

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