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Speaking English at the Airport

Watch the videos below to learn Travel English vocabulary.

Airport English Conversation. Travel English Lesson!

When departing you go through security control. When boarding the plane you walk down the airbridge. The runway is the long strip of concrete that planes takeoff and land on. Immigration is also known as "passport control".

ESL Vocabulary - Airport

At the Check-In Desk

Where are you flying today?
May I have your ticket, please?
Are you checking any bags?
Just one
Okay, please place your bag on the scale.
Well, I have a stopover in Chicago. Do I need to pick up my luggage there?
No, it'll go straight to Los Angeles. Here's your boarding pass. Your flight leaves gate 15 and it'll begin boarding at 3:20. Your seat number is 26E.

Going through Security

Please lay your bags flat on the conveyor belt, and put your mobile phone and all electronic devices in the bin.
Do I need to take my laptop out of the bag?
Yes, you do. Please take off your jacket, too.
Ramona walks through the metal detector.
Please step back. Do you have anything in your pockets - keys, cell phone, loose change?
I don't think so. Let me try taking off my belt.
Okay, come on through.

Arriving - Customs

May I see your passport please?
How long are you staying in America?
Two weeks.
What is the purpose of your visit?
I'm a tourist. Here for sightseeing.
Here you are. Welcome to America.

Information Desk - At the Airport

Hi! Could you help me?
I'd be happy to.
Where can I get a taxi?
The taxis are by the main entrance. Walk towards Gate 32, take the escalator to the first floor and turn right.
You'll see the taxis outside.

English Vocabulary Airport

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