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Sentence Starters

English sentence starters are very helpful in everyday speaking. I listed some of them below.

I gotta'
"I gotta get a job quickly!"
I'd rather (not)
"I'd rather give him his money back."
I'll help you
"I'll help you to find a job."
Let me / Can I? / Do you mind if I?
"Let me give you some food."
"Can I have a bottle of beer?"
"Do you mind if I talk to your boss?"
You could / You should' (to give advice, could is weaker, and should is stronger)
"You could take some lessons in German."
"You should work harder."
Please don't
"Please don't go to the movies."
Let's not
"Let's not make him angry."
Why don't we? / Why not?
"Why don't we find a new hotel?"

I used to (for something you did frequently in the past)
"I used to drink a lot, but I gave it up."
I'd like to (something you want to do)
"I'd like to take chess classes."
I'm about to (something you're going to do soon)
"I'm about to go shopping, so I can't watch TV now."
I didn't mean to
"I didn't mean to hurt his feelings."
I'm here to
"I'm here to ask you for help."
I'm dying to (for something you REALLY want to do)
"I'm dying to met him."
It takes (time) to
"It takes years to learn chess properly."
There's no need to (an unnecessary action)
"There's no need to pay more."

I've been
I'm busy / I was busy
I'm not used to
I'm having a hard time
I'm looking forward to
How about ?
It's no use / There's no point

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