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Pronunciation English

Learn the correct pronunciation in English and watch the videos below.

100 Basic English Words

You will learn basic English speaking
You will get the most important words and how to speak them.
So go to Google.com and then you will type in: ok so Wiktionary 100 basic English words.
Click here and you can practice
And I will say the word and give you examples and then you can read it.
So we'll start with a:
a dog - The movie is about love. - all of my friends
an apple - the dog and cat - we are friends - as the sun goes down - we are at the store.
I will be there. - can he do that? - I will do my homework. - I will walk down the street.
He is first in line. - She is for the protesters. - I am from the United States.
She is a good dog. - I have a dog. - He is happy. etc.

English Phonetics - The Sounds of English

The alphabet with 26 letters does not represent all the sounds of English.

Vowels and Semi-Vowels

All vowels are voiced.
I got a job. Park the car.

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