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Prepositions of Time

Prepositions of time usually are placed in front of nouns and they are difficult to learn because there are no specific rules that tell you when to use which preposition. You have to learn prepositions by reading and memorizing.

List of Prepositions of Time

on in at since for
ago before to past till
until by

Use "At" for a specific time. Example: at 10 o'clock, at night, at the weekend
Use "In" for Time PERIODS like weeks, months, years, centuries (Example: in August)
Use "On" for Dates and Days. Example: On Monday

Examples of Prepositions of Time

on Monday, on 5th July, 2012, on my birthday
in August, in winter, in the morning
at 10 o'clock, at night, at the weekend, at Christmas, at the end of the week
Since 2012
for ten years, for two days, for how long?
ten years ago, 3 days ago, long time ago, ages ago
before 1945, before he was born
five to seven (6:55) (telling the time)
He works until midnight.

When you use last, next, every, this then do not also use at, in, on.
I went to Greece last August. (not: in last August)
I go to the club next Friday. (not: on next Friday)
I see you this evening. (not: in this evening)


I work ...... (on, in, at) Friday but not ...... (on, in, at) night.

When do we go to the chess club? ...... (on, in, at) the afternoon or ...... (on, in, at) 8 o'clock ?

We go out ...... (on, in, at) night but not ...... (on, in, at) the weekend.

We go to Berlin ...... (on, in, at) August but not ...... (on, in, at) Monday.

Visit your friends ...... (on, in, at) the afternoon but not ...... (on, in, at) Sunday.

The course starts ...... (on, in, at) 10:30. Hurry up and get there ...... (on, in, at) time.

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