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List of Prepositions

There are single word and multi-word prepositions and the list of prepositions will never be complete as new prepositions come into use and old ones fall out of use.

What are prepositions?
A preposition is a word that relates a noun or pronoun to another word in a sentence and indicates a location in the physical world.

There are prepositions of place and prepositions of time

Preposition Examples

These Prepositions below show location in the physical world.

The dog is on the floor. (Place)
The book is beside the cup. (Place)
The man waits near the store. (Place)
The ring is under the bed. (Place)

Prepositions also show location in time.

At midnight I play chess with my friend. (Time)
During the game I get drunk. (Time)

Other Examples

Do you get on well with your boss?
He came across a very old painting while he was looking for a book.
I took up a hobby to keep me busy.
Get on the train quickly.

Read more about prepositions at Wikipedia

List of most used Prepositions

aboard about above absent across
after against along alongside amid
amidst among anti around as
at atop bar barring before
behind below beneath beside besides
between beyond but by circa
counting concerning considering despite down
during except excepting excluding following
for from given gone in
in front of inside instead of into less
like mid minus of off
on on top of onto opposite out of
outside over past pending per
plus pro regarding regardless of round
save saving since than through
throughout till times to toward
towards under underneath unlike until
up upon versus via with
within without worth

Prepositions are short words (on, in, at) that usually stand in front of nouns. Many learners find prepositions difficult because you can't translate them one to one and the translation depends on the situation.

Furthermore there are almost no clearcut rules as to when to use a particular preposition. Best is to read a lot in English, learn useful phrases and memorize the prepositions.

Prepositions of Place - AT, ON, IN

Prepositions - ( on, in, at ) in relation to time.

The book is kept on the table.
Carol leaves work at five o'clock.
I don't like going out at night.
We give each other presents at christmas.
Mr. Smith is busy at the moment/at present.
Henry left school at the age of 16.
I'm leaving town at the beginning of May.
I'll see you at lunchtime.
We arrived at the same time.

TO or FOR? Prepositions in English

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