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List of Adverbs

I hope this list of adverbs will help you where you will find a lot of examples of adverbs.

Adverbs of Manner

Adverbs of manner tell us how something happens.


The man worked. (This sentence is without adverb of manner)
The man worked hard. (The adverb of manner is hard. This describes how the man worked.)

accidentally angrily anxiously awkwardly badly
beautifully blindly boldly bravely brightly
busily calmly carefully carelessly cautiously
cheerfully clearly closely correctly courageously
cruelly daringly deliberately doubtfully eagerly
easily elegantly enormously enthusiastically equally
eventually exactly faithfully fast fatally
fiercely fondly foolishly fortunately frankly
frantically generously gently gladly gracefully
greedily happily hard hastily healthily
honestly hungrily hurriedly inadequately ingeniously
innocently inquisitively irritably joyously justly
kindly lazily loosely loudly madly
mortally mysteriously naturally neatly nervously
noisily obediently openly painfully patiently
perfectly politely poorly powerfully promptly
punctually quickly quietly rapidly rarely
really recklessly regularly reluctantly repeatedly
rightfully roughly rudely sadly safely
selfishly sensibly seriously sharply shyly
silently sleepily slowly smoothly so
softly solemnly speedily stealthily sternly
straight stupidly successfully suddenly suspiciously
swiftly tenderly tensely thoughtfully tightly
truthfully unexpectedly victoriously violently vivaciously
warmly weakly wearily well wildly


The player quickly drank his tea. (His drinking was quick)

The boss told me to come to his office quickly. (I went quickly to the office.)

Adverbs of Place

Adverbs of place tell us where something happens.

about above abroad across ahead
anywhere away back backwards behind
below beyond down downstairs downwards
east eastwards elsewhere everywhere far
forwards here home homewards in
indoors inside inwards near nearby
northwards nowhere off on onwards
out outside outwards over overseas
somewhere southwards there towards under
underground up upstairs upwards west
westwards where

Adverbs of Purpose

Adverbs of Purpose tell us the reason.

accidentally because carefully in order to intentionally
purposely since so so that that

Adverbs of Time

Adverbs of time tell us when something happens.

after already annually before daily
during early earlier eventually finally
first formerly fortnightly hourly just
last late later lately monthly
next nightly now previously quarterly
recently since soon still then
today tomorrow tonight weekly when
while yearly yesterday yet

Adverbs of Frequency

These adverbs tell us how often something happens.

always almost always almost never constantly
frequently generally hardly ever infrequently
nearly never normally now
now and then occasionally often once in a while
periodically rarely regularly scarcely ever
seldom sometimes usually

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