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Learning English Conversation - at the Supermarket

At the Supermarket - Listen, Speak, Repeat - Learning English Conversation Practice

Can you grab the cereal? This one? Yes, that one.
These are coupons.
Coupons can usually be found in newspapers and magazines.
Supermarkets accept coupons.
Coupons save you money on various items in the supermarkets.
Can I return these vegetables?
What's wrong with them?

They are rotten in the center.
Do you have your receipt? Here it is.
May I get a price check for that jelly?
Sure. It's $3.99.
Do you still want it?
Yes, I do.
Hi Bill! What are you looking for?
Hi Dean! I'm looking for brown rice.
Rice is on aisle 5.
Thanks Dean.
Thanks for shopping with us.
You're welcome.
Please come back again!
We will. Bye.

At The Supermarket - Easy English Conversation Practice - ESL

We need milk. We better go to the supermarket.
Excuse me, where can I find the milk.
It's next to the yoghurt. - Thank you
How about cream? Where can I find the cream?
It's next to the cheese.
How about butter? Where can I find the butter?
It's next to the cream.
How about yogurt? Where can I find the yogurt?
It's next to the sour cream.
How about cheese? Where can I find the cheese?
It's next to the milk.
How about cottage cheese? Where can I find the cottage cheese?
It's next to the juice.
Have a nice day! You too!

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