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Learn English free

Learn English free for beginners. I found and selected some good videos for beginners to learn English pronunciation. If you are a beginner in English then study them well and you will improve a lot.

Basic English - Esl English lesson

First part you talk
Second part you practice
Let's start!
How are you?
It's a nice hotel.
What is it?
She's happy.
It's number two.
Go home.
What's your name?
He speaks English.
What time is it?
Give me the money.
Where are you from?
Do you like me?
What color is it?
Nice to meet you.
What's this?
I like your car.
How old are you?
She's on vacation.
I don't have a pen.
The plane is flying
When is Christmas?
He doesn't help me.
I'm studying now.
How tall are you?
She was busy.
I sometimes watch TV.
Let's go somewhere.
I didn't do it.
The day before yesterday.
What's your brothers name?
They called me.
There is someone there.
You speak now.

Learn how to give emphasis on the right words in the sentence

The emphasis is on the verb.
I go there.
Increase the tone of voice when speaking go. Decrease it when speaking there.
In English we stress the most important words of the sentence. We do not give emphasis for all words.
Let's practice with the personal pronouns:
I, you, he, she, it, we, they
Remember that we give emphasis to the main verb.

Mistakes in English speaking

Basic English - Practice Fluency

Spelling - Speak English - Esl free spoken English lesson

Videos created by Professor Guerra

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