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Expressions in English

Learn common Expressions in English.

In over my head

I'm in over my head. This means that a situation is too difficult for you and that you realize that you can't handle it. You say: "I feel like I'm in over my head."

Bite off more than you can chew.

This expression is related to the above and it means to take on more tasks or work than you can handle. For example if you work in three jobs part time and have to look after your kid as well you might be biting off more than you can chew, because you have too many tasks and commitments.

Put your foot down

"Put your foot down" means you assert a decision or position very strongly.

Example: After you failed the exam you put your foot down and would not go to the chess club until you passed the exam. You made a firm decision.

The last straw

"The last straw" means the final problem in a series of bad events which leads to a decision. Example: John got fired in several jobs over the years in this town. Finally he lost his house to the bank because he couldn't repay his loan. That "was the last straw". He decided to move to another city as it was hard for him to tolerate this situation.

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Have the time of your life

Have a blast

When John went to Germany last summer he had "the time of his live."

The same meaning has "have a blast." If you say this to your friend you wish him to have a good time or an enjoyable experience. For example: When I went on holiday to Germany I "had a blast" drinking lots of German beer and celebrating christmas with my friends. We "had a good time".

So when your friend goes on a nice holiday next time, you can say: "Have a good time", "Have the time of your life" or "Have a blast".

Examples of Idioms

Have (got) what it takes
Out of shape / In bad shape / In good shape
Play it by ear / Play it safe
I give you my word / I'll take your word for it
I have no clue / Totally clueless
On the right track / Get back on track
Off the beaten path / In the middle of nowhere
It's an acquired taste / It grew on me
Game plan / Ahead of the game
Deep down
None of your business / Mind your own business

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