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Examples of Idioms

Idioms offer helpful advice about life. An idiom is a specific phrase that has a figurative or literal meaning. Idioms occur in all languages.

Examples of Idioms

- She is pulling my leg. (to pull someone's leg means telling something untrue)
- When will you drop them a line? (to drop someone a line means to send a note someone)
- You should keep an eye out for that. (to keep an eye out for something means to maintain awareness of it.)
- I can't keep my head above water. (I can't manage a situation.)
- Oh no! You spilled the beans! (to let out a secret)
- Why are you feeling blue? (to feel sad)
- That jacket costs an arm and a leg. (is very expensive)
- It is not rocket science. (not difficult)
- I'm screwed. (is in big trouble, he has messed up)

Everyday Idioms - made easy

- It's raining cats and dogs. Means: It rains very heavily (a downpour).
- Go the extra mile. Means: Going all the way to get it done.
- It's small world. Means: You frequently see the same people in different places.
- Apple of my eye. Means: Someone who is the favorite among all others.
- Back to square one. Means: Having to start all over again.
- Mum's the word. Means: To say nothing. To keep quiet.
- Under the weather. Means: Feeling unwell or sick.
- Catch red-handed. Means: To catch someone in the act of doing something wrong.
- Cost an arm and a leg. Means: Expensive, cost too much money.
- Fingers crossed. Means: Hope or wish for good luck.
- A blessing in disguise. Means: Something good that is not recognized at first.
- A Leopard can't change his spots. Means: You cannot change who you are.
- A taste of your own medicine. Means: You are mistreated the same way you mistreat others.
- All in the same boat. Means: Everybody is facing the same challenges.
- Beating around the bush. Means: Avoiding the main topic and not speaking directly about it.

Idioms and Meanings - Have Fun with Idioms!

- A dark horse. Means: A person full of surprizes.
- More than meets the eye. Means: Hidden facts regarding something.

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