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ESL Pronunciation

ESL pronunciation practice helps you to speak English words correctly.

Unfortunately many English words are spoken differently from the way they are spelled.

Four types of words that are often mispronounced

This lesson also includes 50 words with audio for you to practice listening and repeating. It is a good idea to say a word immediately after a native speaker. This helps you to improve your pronunciation!

When you can speak more clearly, confidently, and correctly, you KNOW that the other person will understand whatever you say.

Get familiar to the sounds of the English language, such as linking and intonation then your phrases sound more natural and fluent.

Commonly Mispronounced Words in English

Words ending in OUS

The ous at the end of these words sounds like iss. It does not sound like house.
famous, various, serious, nervous, obvious, previous, religious, victorious

Words ending in TION

The tion sounds like shin.
association, definition, population, promotion, section, solution, tradition

Words ending in ATE

In some words ending in ate (usually verbs), it sounds like the word eight.
accelerate, initiate, concentrate, simulate, fascinate, hallucinate

In other words ending in ate (usually nouns/adjectives), it sounds like et or it.
private, adequate, candidate, delicate, desperate, certificate

Some words can be both. They have two pronunciations:
separate, associate, graduate, alternate, estimate

Words ending in ANCE and ENCE

We do not usually make a distinction in the pronunciation of ANCE and ENCE endings. They both sound like ENCE.
ENCE: absence, violence, experience, conference, evidence, influence, obedience
ANCE: attendance, balance, distance, entrance, resistance, performance, importance


finance, advance, chance, glance, trance (one-syllable words)

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