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English Conversations

I found some interesting videos about English Conversations. Watch and learn.

How to Start a Conversation with Anyone in English

Hey everybody! How's it going?
I'm Gabby Wallace and this is Go Natural English, the most awesome place online to learn fast natural English in videos like this one.
In this short video lesson, I'm going to show you a secret to talking to new people in English.
There is a formula that you can use over and over again, that is to ask a question.
Okay, everyone, well, mostly everyone likes to help other people.
So, if you need help, or you can pretend that you need help, you can ask someone a question.
Alright, so, think about this, think about this formula.
Okay, first of all, think about your environment.
So, where are you? Are you on the street? Are you at school?
Are you at work?
Okay, your environment matters for the question you are going to ask, right?
And then you can think of the question that would make sense.
So, if I'm on the street, one good thing, one good question I could ask for is directions.
So, for example, do you know where Commonwealth Ave is?
Alright, this is a big street in Boston.
Um, you might ask about food.
Like, "excuse me do you know a good place around here to eat?"
Or, "do you know a good cafe around here to have coffee?"
So, ask for directions to a specific place or ask for a person's recommendation.
Alright, so that's if you are on the street, right?
If you are in school or you're at work you're going to think a little bit harder about your environment and the question that would make sense for your situation.
And, I recommend, you know, make a list of these questions.
Either in your head or on a piece of paper so that you're prepared to talk to a new person, you won't have any problem with the language.
The only thing is you have to walk up to the person and say, "excuse me," and then ask your question, alright?
So, another point, um, a bonus, is that after you ask your question, your first question, and you get your answer, prepare a follow up question.
If you actually want to have a conversation with someone and not just a quick question and answer that last five seconds, prepare a follow up question, okay? Like, "what's the best place to get a hotdog?" Or, "what's the best place to get an espresso?"
Okay, so you can ask a more specific question. You can ask another question related to your environment or your setting, or if it is not too weird, you might even ask that person, who you are talking to, ask them for their opinion, okay?
So, you have to use your judgement. You have to make your own questions because this all depends on your situation and your environment.
So, I encourage you to try writing out five different questions based on your daily environment. Where you could walk up to a new person and ask them that question, alright?
Guys, thank you so much for watching. I wish you many wonderful conversations with new people.

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