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English Conversation Lessons

In the Restaurant

In a Restaurant | Short Conversations | Easy English Practice

I'm hungry.
What will you have?
I'll have fish. I'll have fries. I'll have a hamburger. I'll have pancakes. I'll have a salad. I'll have a sandwich. I'll have soup. I'll have spaghetti. I'll have a steak. I'll have a piece of pie.
Thank you very much.

At the Restaurant - English Basic Communication


Hello Sir. Are you dining alone?
Yes, table for one, please.
Smoking or non-smoking?
Non smoking, please.
I have a table for you. Please follow me.
Would you like to drink with your meal, Sir?
Can I see the wine list, please?
I can recommend the House Red.
It's a dry wine from the Hunter Valley in New South Wales.
Ok. I'll have a bottle of the House Red, please.
Certainly, Sir. Here's tonight's menu.
A waitress will be with you shortly to take your order.
Ok. Thank you.


Here is the wine that you ordered, Sir.
Would you like to let it breathe for a little while or shall I pour it now?
I'll have a glass now, please.
Are you ready for me to take your order?
Yes, I'll have the T-bone steak, please.
How would you like it cooked?
Medium rare.
Ok. That is served with seasonal vegetables. And your choice of jacket potato or chips?
Jacket potato please. I haven't had a jacket potato for a long time.
Ok. That's one T-bone steak, medium rare with seasonal vegetables and jacket potato.
Yes, thank you.
Is everything OK sir?
Yes, that was delicious. Thank you.
Would you like some dessert? We have cheese and biscuits, fresh apple pie and chocolate eclairs.
Ah yes. I'll have a chocolate eclair, please.
Can I get you anything else?
Yes, I'd like a cafe latte please.
` I'll bring it to you in a moment.


Could I have the bill please?
Certainly. I'll get it for you. Would you like to pay now or shall I charge it to your room?
I'd rather pay now, please.
I will be back with the bill.
Ok, so you had a T-bone steak, a bottle of the House Red, a chocolate eclair and a cup of coffee. That will be $36.74.
Is service included?
Yes. That includes tax and 10% service charge.
Here's 40 dollars. You can keep the change.
Thank you very much.
Thank you. Good bye.

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