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either vs neither

Many people get mixed up when trying to use the words either and neither. Learn how to use these words in English. I will show you a lot of examples.

Difference between EITHER and NEITHER

How to use EITHER

When you have two options, the word either means only one of the two options:
You can have either a cup of coffee or a cup of tea.
You can play chess either Saturday or Sunday.
The boss is either at work or on holiday.

When you have a choice between two things and you don't care which one is chosen, you can say "Either one."
"Would you like a beer or juice?" "Either one. I don't care."

How to use NEITHER

neither means NOT one thing, and NOT the other thing:

I play neither chess nor soccer. I don't play either of those games.
Neither my son nor my friend like to travel. Neither of my friends like to travel.
Neither the first movie nor the second movie was very good.
Neither of the movies was very good.
Neither movie was very good.

Either and neither both have two possible pronunciations. Both are correct.

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