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Compound Prepositions

A compound preposition is a preposition that consists of more than one word. It does the same as a one-word preposition. They explain a relationship or show location.

See the list of compound prepositions below.

1 2 3 4 5
according to ahead of along with alongside of apart from
around about as against as between as compared with as compared to
as for at that point in time at this point in time at the point of at the time of
because of by force of by means of by reason of by virtue of
by way of due to during the course of except for for fear of
for lack of for the purpose of for the reason that for the sake of from above
from among from behind from beneath from between from the point of view of
in accordance with in a manner similar to in care of in case of in close connection with
in common with in comparison to in compliance with in connection with in consequence of
in consideration of in contrast to in default of in deference to in exchange for
in excess of in favor of in front of in lieu of in opposition to
in order to in place of in preference to in receipt of in regard to
in relation to in search of in spite of in terms of in the course of
in the event of in the face of in the immediate vicinity of in the nature of independently of
inside of instead of on account of on behalf of on the basis of
on the part of on the point of on top of out of outside of
owing to previous to prior to pursuant to regardless of
relating to relative to round about short of similar to
subsequent to under cover of what with with a view to with regard to
with reference to with respect to with the intention of

Avoid using compound prepositions

Replace a compound preposition with a short word.
in favor of = for
in a manner similar to = like
at this point in time = now

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