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Colors in English

Learn colors in English and watch the following videos to improve your English vocabulary.

You can write -colour- or -color-. Both versions are correct. They are just different spellings, -color- is used in American English and -colour- is used in British English.

Colours Song - Colours in English

Which color do you like?
What colours do you like?
I like blue sky.
I like green grass.
I like purple butterflies.
I like yellow daisies, red daisies too.
Pink and orange sunsets.
Watching them with you.
I like white - snowy white.
The black of the night.
I like the brown of the earth in the ground.
What colours?
I like blue - blueberry pie.
Green cabbage and broccoli
Orange carrots too. I like yellow corn.
White mashed potato and a brown gravy stew.
I like red strawberries.
Purple grapes
And I like pink grapefruit.
Blue, green, yellow, orange, red, black, grey, white, purple, pink, brown

7 colorful English idioms

Learn the meanings of these seven phrases because they are useful at home, in the workplace, and at school.

See through rose-tinted glasses (very optimistic)
Give someone the green light (to give permission, go ahead)
With flying colors (very successful)
Tickled pink (very happy)
Paint the town red (having a party, having a good time, spend all night dancing, drinking and having a good time)
blue- /white-collared worker (the blue-collared worker works in a factory, garage or unskilled job, the white-collared worker works in the office - He has a white shirt)
See things in black and white (this or that - Example: I am out of a job. I am in trouble.)

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